The Tipping Point: What does it take to transition to polymer?

In 2016 an article by David Tidmarsh was published in Currency News titled ‘The Tipping Point’. The article posed the question: are we at the Tipping Point for polymer?

CCL Secure and David Tidmarsh are now revisiting that question and talking to central banks who have already made the decision to change to CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™️ polymer.

Are global trends pointing to an age when polymer finally becomes the dominant substrate for cash? What are the driving factors behind a decision to transition a currency? Which is most important: cost, environmental pressures, durability… or a combination of different factors?

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In our second Tipping Point webinar, we hear from Banco Central de Costa Rica, one of more than 30 central banks who have transitioned banknotes to CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™ polymer.

We’ll hear about why the decision was made in the first place and the lessons that have been learned along the way. We’ll also hear about the important role that design has to play in the successful launch of a polymer banknote.

From Banco Central de Costa Rica, we’ll be joined by Marvin Alvarado Quesada, Director of Currency. We’ll also be hearing from CCL Secure’s award-winning Senior Banknote Designer, Carlos Almenar.

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Wednesday 29 September 2021 at 8am and 4pm BST. The seminars will be in English and Spanish.

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