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Even in an age of electronic banking, contactless payments and smartphone payment systems, there is still a deep and underlying need for cash as a trusted store of value.

As polymer banknotes play an increasing role in ensuring that billions of people have confidence in the currency they use each day, it’s hardly surprising that CCL Secure is the partner of choice for currency issuing authorities around the world.

Ever since the world’s first polymer banknotes were produced, in 1988, CCL Secure has provided expert support to issuing authorities as they transition to a currency that is stronger, safer, cleaner, greener, and which generate significant cost savings over their lifetime compared to paper banknotes.

We are the world’s experts in polymer banknotes. When you need to know more, talk to us.

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CCL Secure Celebrates 8 Years Of Success With The Bank Of England

In 2013, when the Bank of England made the decision to move the £5 and £10 from paper to polymer, the decision was based on 3 years of research into the resilience and quality of different substrates. Eight years later, CCL Secure remains lead substrate supplier to the Bank with world-leading GuardianTM polymer substrate.

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2020 Sees Guardian™ Polymer Go From Strength To Strength

Despite the global challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, CCL Secure say they have seen polymer banknotes go from strength to strength around the world.

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Lebanon Debuts Revolutionary Security Feature On New 100,000 Livres Banknote

A new 100,000 Livres banknote, issued by Banque du Liban to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Lebanon, is one of the most secure in the world.

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Costa Rica’s Innovative New ₡ 20,000 Guardian Polymer Banknote Launched

The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) has launched a brand new ₡ 20,000 polymer banknote. The newly issued banknote features a KINEGRAM REVIEW® foil stripe supplied by Kurz applied over a complex transparent window using CCL Secure’s world-leading GuardianTM polymer substrate.

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Mexico’s New 100 Peso Banknote Marks 18 Years Of Using Guardian™ Polymer

Banco de Mexico launched a new 100 peso banknote using Guardian™ polymer, the latest in a long line of polymer banknotes issued by the Mexican central bank.

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