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Even in an age of electronic banking, contactless payments and smartphone payment systems, there is still a deep and underlying need for cash as a trusted store of value.

As polymer banknotes play an increasing role in ensuring that billions of people have confidence in the currency they use each day, it’s unsurprising that CCL Secure is the partner of choice for central banks and issuing authorities around the world.

It’s easy to see why. Ever since the world’s first polymer banknotes were produced, in 1988, CCL Secure has been 100% focused on polymer. Nothing else. We are committed to the creation and development of polymer banknotes that last longer, cost less, and have less environmental impact than any other substrate.

All backed by outstanding levels of quality, service and innovation delivered by a global company that’s also easy to deal with on a regional and local basis.

We are the polymer banknote people. When you need to know more about how polymer could benefit you, talk to the world’s leading experts in polymer banknote technology.


A new dimension in banknote security.

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Where GUARDIAN is used around the world.

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SPARTAN™ is the transformational
durable-banknote solution for your low
denomination banknotes and coins

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The Tipping Point: What does it take to transition to polymer?

In our second Tipping Point webinar, we hear from Banco Central de Costa Rica, one of more than 30 central banks who have transitioned banknotes to CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™ polymer. We’ll hear about why the decision was made in the first place and the lessons that have been learned along the way. We’ll also hear about the important role that design has to play in the successful launch of a polymer banknote.

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New SPARTAN™ Banknote Selected For BIN Webinar

CCL Secure’s ultra durable new SPARTANTM banknote is to feature in a Banknote Industry News webinar based on the magazine’s influential Banknote Technology Report (BTR).

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Bank Of England Goes Full Polymer With New £50 Note

The Bank of England’s £50 note, in circulation from 23rd June 2021, completes the transition of the full series of United Kingdom notes to polymer. The United Kingdom is the 11th country in the world to fully transition with GUARDIANTM polymer substrate, made by CCL Secure, the global leaders in polymer banknote technology.

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Join our FREE Webinar - The Tipping Point: What does it take to transition to polymer?

Join us for the first of a series of three webinars looking at how close we are to ‘The Tipping Point’ for polymer banknotes.

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State Bank of Vietnam Marks 18 Years of Polymer Banknotes

As part of their 70th anniversary celebrations, the State Bank of Vietnam are also marking their 18th year of using polymer banknotes from CCL Secure, the world’s leading polymer banknote experts.

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