Specimen 10 Launches in New Format With Environmental Focus.

The latest issue of Specimen Magazine our journal for the currency industry is out – with a focus on the topic of polymer banknotes and the environment.

Using in-depth research commissioned by central banks around the world, we explode several myths about the environmental footprint of currency made using polymer.

Although plastic has been stigmatised in recent years, not all plastic is evil. When it comes to cash, not only can polymer notes be recycled, they’re also responsible for significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than paper notes.

Editor Tim Berridge says: “Although the scientific findings may be counter-intuitive to many people who have already set their mind against all forms of plastic, the cold facts of the research show that polymer notes are the greener choice for currency.”

Other features in the latest issue of Specimen include a look at commemorative polymer notes in Morocco and Namibia, as well as the impact polymer notes has had on Mauritania two years after the country transitioned from paper.

The future of cash in the digital age is another topic under discussion, along with currency-related news and features from the UK, Nicaragua, Cost Rica, Solomon Islands and Australia.

Specimen magazine can be viewed hereA Spanish version is available here.


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