The Note/Coin Boundary Problem Has Finally Been Solved.

It’s time to switch to SPARTANTM

The Durable, Long-Life, Cost-Effective Polymer Banknote

Why SPARTANTM is needed

It’s tough being a banknote. Especially a high transactional velocity, low denomination banknote. The wear and tear of everyday use means that notes need to be removed and replaced frequently. Which means high costs for disposal and replenishment. Until now, the only real alternative has been to move to coin. SPARTAN offers a better option.

A groundbreaking initiative from CCL Secure

A new, durable, long life and cost-effective polymer banknote that’s engineered specifically for the note/coin boundary.

Long-lasting, cost-effective polymer

SPARTAN is an entirely new type of polymer banknote, created with Propanote™ Opacity W – a brand new bank-grade polymer developed by our sister company, Innovia Films, specifically for SPARTAN. Built with durability in mind, in laboratory testing SPARTAN is significantly more hard wearing than any existing alternative to paper banknotes.

Cash cycle-ready

Compatible with existing ATMs and other cash handling systems for easy, rapid deployment.

Public approval

Designs can fit in with your existing note family. The same look and feel as other notes aids public approval.


Recyclable into polypropylene pellets for reuse in new products.

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Spartan Design and Production Brochure
Spartan Durability Brochure
Spartan Security Brochure

Detailed, multi-page descriptions of SPARTAN and its benefits

Why it pays to choose SPARTAN

  • A longer life means fewer notes need to replaced, leading to reduced costs and enhanced seigniorage.
  • SPARTAN outperforms metals such as copper and nickel on price, making it an even more attractive option for notes that sit on the note/coin boundary.
  • In addition, while coins are at risk of hoarding or – when metal prices rise – of smelting for scrap, SPARTAN notes retain their usefulness throughout their long life.
  • To reduce costs even further, Notes are produced in a single printing process that includes numbering as well as covert and overt security features.
  • CCL Secure provides a complete end-to-end service, from manufacture, design, print and delivery to – ultimately – support for recycling.


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