SPARTAN™ Designed Specifically For Low Denominations

SPARTAN is a polymer banknote engineered for extreme durability that offers multiple benefits — public acceptance, cash cycle-ready functionality, and 100% recycling of unfit notes. Recognising the need for a low denomination banknote that performs optimally in harsh circulating environments, CCL Secure developed SPARTAN.

SPARTAN’s unique materials and construction are specifically chosen to deliver the performance and functionality required for banknotes that have a low face value. Spartan is a cost-effective way to replace existing coins or the need to move a banknote to a coin.

SPARTAN also makes it easier to gain public acceptance, given that coins are often unpopular and can be difficult to carry in some cultures where pockets are not a regular part of clothing. In addition, the variable nature of the value of metals exposes coins to the risk of being smelted for their scrap value when metal prices are high.

The benefits of SPARTAN

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