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Banknotes that last longer, take more wear and tear and ultimately cost taxpayers less.

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Advanced security features set extremely high barriers to counterfeiters.

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A less porous surface means less dirt, bacteria and viruses.

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Made from materials that can be recycled to reduce environmental impact.

The World’s Most Successful Polymer Substrate

  • 75 billion polymer banknotes in circulation
  • Used in over 30 countries
  • Over 175 denominations worldwide

GUARDIAN™ is, quite simply, the world’s most advanced banknote substrate. The secret of its success starts with the unique manufacturing process. At its core is the highly secure Propanote™ Clarity C base film – a bank-grade polymer manufactured and supplied exclusively for banknotes by Innovia Films. GUARDIAN substrate itself is manufactured using CCL Secure’s specially developed, proprietary method.

Better performance, lower cost

However you measure the performance of GUARDIAN, it consistently outperforms paper currency. In security terms, wherever GUARDIAN has been introduced, counterfeiting rates have been reduced. Its durability means notes can circulate for longer. The smooth, non-absorbent surface makes GUARDIAN polymer banknotes cleaner and more hygienic to handle. And, even in environmental terms, several different central bank studies have shown that GUARDIAN has less environmental impact than paper. What’s more, as evidenced by the experience of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the cost of currency management is significantly reduced.

The benefits of polymer banknotes

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GUARDIAN™ in use around the world

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