CCL Secure collaborates with Polish Security Printing Works on commemorative 20 złoty banknote

CCL Secure has proudly collaborated with, the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) on its latest Guardian™ commemorative polymer banknote, released on 9th February 2023 by Narodowy Bank Polski.


The new 20 złoty is dedicated to the famous Polish astronomer, economist and mathematician, Mikołaj Kopernik, marking the 550th anniversary of Kopernik’s birth and the 480th anniversary of his death.

The banknote’s design is a dynamic celebration of the life and work of Kopernik, featuring the iconic portrait from the Bourgeois Hall in the Old Town Hall in Toruń, the city where he was born on 19 February 1473.

Alongside the portrait, several security features are embedded into the substrate to bolster the counterfeit resilience of the commemorative note, including both a large and a smaller window.

The large transparent blue window contains CCL Secure’s Cinema™ feature which shows multiple images of the planet earth rotating around the sun, paying homage to the astronomer’s ground-breaking discovery. The Cinema feature has both a 10mm deep depth effect combined with a flip of the earth spinning around the sun. The complexity and dimensional illusion of the 25mm wide Cinema™ feature is complemented by a fully clear and transparent window containing a  yellow spot colour, vignette line work and shadow images, providing further depth and movement and historical context to the other planets orbiting the sun i.e. Heliocentric or sun centred system. These features are all embedded into the Guardian substrate to maximise security and also integration to the finished banknote with exacting registration and tolerances.

The smaller window includes a VIVID Colour feature representing the solar system, integrating further security features embedded into the Guardian™ substrate. This feature in daylight is a white, photographic like image of the solar system, however under UV light is fully coloured, to show the colourful beauty of the universe we live in and add level 2 security.

The iridescent stripe is an added security feature that complements the image of old coins decorating the reverse side of the note representing his formulation of the quantitative theory of money. Also embedded into the substrate is a multi-tonal shadow image showing leaves from the ornament on the building where Mikołaj Kopernik lived.

“It has been a privilege to work with the Polish Security Printing Works on the design, development and production of this significant new banknote,” said CCL Secure UK, General Manager Patrick Swift.

“This note is a prime example of the beautiful design and enhanced embedded security that our Guardian™ polymer banknotes deliver, alongside the added environmental benefits.”

This is the second commemorative polymer banknote released from the Polish Security Printing Works, following the commemorative 20 złoty issued by Narodowy Bank Polski in 2014.


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