Banco de Moçambique Launches New GUARDIAN™ Banknotes

Banco de Moçambique has launched three new denominations on GUARDIAN polymer.

The stunning 20, 50 and 100 metical notes feature a high-relief portrait of the country’s first president, Samora Moises Machel; patterns particular to the Tonga people, which are widely used when weaving artisan baskets; and various flora and fauna characteristic of Mozambique.

The GUARDIAN banknotes are part of a full series launched this month to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the central bank and the 45th anniversary of Mozambique’s currency, the metical.

 The new notes include advanced and innovative security features on proven GUARDIAN substrate.

Each denomination includes a large, transparent window, intricately inset with security features, which aesthetically highlight the history of Mozambique. A golden circle and feather are used to symbolise the pre-colonial practice of carrying powdered gold inside the ‘barrel’ of a duck quill.

The brilliant, lustrous gold has been achieved using Metalix™ ink, while the feather is rendered with Effect Cameo™. The quill will change colour when held to the light, shifting from gold to purple on the 20 meticais, blue to gold on the 50 meticais, and gold to red on the 100 meticais.

Each denomination also features a shadow portrait of Samora Moises Machel, overlaid with a latent image of the bank’s initials, and tactile features to assist people with visual impairment.

On the reverse side of each banknote, Iriswitch™ ink has been used to produce an iridescent band that reveals the denomination and central bank logotype when held to the light.

CCL Secure’s Director of Business Development, Andrew Bonnell said:

“The new notes are a celebration of Mozambican identity. They combine astounding aesthetics and advanced security in a fitting tribute for the anniversaries of the central bank and metical.

“CCL Secure congratulates Banco de Moçambique on their success.”


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