Our Modern Slavery Statement

CCL Secure is a manufacturer and supplier of polymer substrate for banknotes and relies upon a complex global supply chain encompassing raw materials, goods and services.  Our suppliers are key partners of our success and we consider it essential that they understand and are able to meet our long term needs.

CCL Secure is committed to the highest level of ethical standards and sound governance and sets high standards of integrity in the management of its activities.  We adopt a zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and all forms of corruption and bribery directly and indirectly associated with these criminal acts.

The business is subject to the governing controls of its parent CCL Industries which is included in the CCL Global Business Ethics Guide and is available online at

We continue to provide adequate resources and training to ensure that our policies and practices are best practice and up to date, including:

  • Reporting any non-compliance or progress to our Senior Leadership team
  • Continuing to raise awareness of this published statement by re-notifying our business partners
  • Reminding employees of our obligations under the Act
  • Preparing, reviewing and benchmarking our statement with others

Individuals with evidence of non-compliance with the Modern Slavery Act in connection with businesses we engage with are encouraged to report their concerns to the CCL whistleblower hot line at or contact the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121700.

CCL Secure takes responsibility for implementing these controls and call upon all organisations we engage with to influence their global supply chains by improving transparency and accountability; and together we can eradicate the injustice and brutality of modern slavery and human trafficking.

This statement is reviewed annually.