Planning For Success

In more than 30 years of helping issuing authorities around the world to introduce polymer banknotes, we’ve learned a lot. Planning such a complex operation involving many different stakeholders. Our experience and insight has proved to be invaluable to many central banks and other issuing authorities over the years.

Change Management

A properly constituted change management and project control programme is essential. We can help project managers to understand the impact of the planned change and minimise the risks involved in the introduction of polymer notes or a new polymer series.

Note Introduction Strategy

We can help central banks to review and analyse options in the formulation of their note introduction strategy. Ultimately, this leads to a strategy that is appropriate for both the note issuer and the public.

Public Information Programme

Based on our experience, we can share insight into how to develop effective public information campaigns, messages and media relations.

Cash Handlers’ Information and Education

We can advise on the content, format and delivery of information and education seminars for cash handlers, who are important stakeholders in the introduction of a new polymer banknote.

Automated Processing of Polymer Notes

We can advise on the type of information and support that should be provided for stakeholders involved in automated processing of polymer notes, including advice on machine set up and calibration.