Designed. Tested. Delivered.

In our long and unrivalled experience of helping central banks around the world to introduce polymer banknotes, we’ve learned a lot. Planning such a complex operation involves many different stakeholders. Our experience and insight have proved to be invaluable to many central banks over the years.

Working with designers

Many of the features and physical properties of our GUARDIAN™ substrate are unique and differ from banknote paper features. It’s important for designers to understand these differences and to think about integrated multiple layers of substrate, print and applied features, working up from a clear base. By thinking in three dimensions, the designer will be able to balance the front and reverse side designs to ensure they are complementary and reinforcing. Areas in which we can advise designers include:

  • Printed Offset Features
  • Printed Intaglio Features
  • Accredited Applied Features

Working with printers

Our full range of services for printers include advice and support for:

  • Pre-trial on-site visits and gap analysis
  • Polymer substrate handling
  • Overcoating
  • Quality control
  • Finished banknote durability testing
  • Reports and follow-ups
  • Printing trials

Working with technology providers

Our GUARDIAN polymer substrate and SPARTAN™ banknotes are alternatives to banknote security paper that, nevertheless, can still be processed with standard printing equipment. Even so, because of differing physical properties, minor equipment modifications are sometimes required to achieve maximum output efficiency.