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Advice & Support From The Polymer Banknote People

CCL Secure are also experts in helping issuing authorities to transition successfully from paper to polymer. With more than 30 years experience behind us, we understand better than anyone the complex challenges that central banks and other issuing authorities face as well as the solutions that work best.

Expert consultants at your disposal

From technical support for designers and printers to advice on how to structure a public information programme right through to implementing a recycling program for banknotes at the end of their life, our experts are on hand to provide in-depth support at every stage of the transition to polymer.


Our support services can help to ensure successful strategies for change management, note introduction, and information programmes for the public and cash handlers. Read more…

Design and Testing

Support available includes technical design guidance to ensure designers understand fully the unique properties of our GUARDIAN™ and SPARTAN™ substrates. Read more…


A wide range of support services that help to enable the successful implementation of a polymer banknote, including advice on currency operations, work systems and processes. Read more…

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