The Benefits of SPARTAN Polymer Banknotes

Designed specifically for banknotes that have a low face value, SPARTAN delivers the durability that is essential to cope with high levels of everyday use, in various environments, that are a fact of life in the cash cycle. It is ideal for denominations that are either under pressure to be coined, or are currently coins.


Low face value notes exchange hands more frequently during their lifetime. This means that central banks face the challenge of deciding whether a coin or banknote is best suited to a particular denomination. Coins are unpopular with the public, but paper banknotes tend to have a shorter useful life. SPARTAN is engineered for durability, enabling central banks to opt for a banknote that can stand up to the rigours of normal use. And, because they have the same look and feel as paper notes, they quickly gain widespread public acceptance.


The cost of coins can be prohibitive, both in terms of production and their management in the cash cycle. SPARTAN is a more cost-effective solution, providing long life banknotes that are popular with the public and easier to manage.

Designed for denominations at the note/coin boundary

SPARTAN banknotes are finished and packaged in the same format as other banknotes, ensuring that their benefits are easily appreciated by the public, retailers and other key users.

Environmentally friendly

Inflation and denominational drift are not the only trends impacting currency decisions. A central bank’s carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important and the public’s voice on the importance of sustainability is getting louder. SPARTAN is 100% recyclable, offering an environmentally friendly way to remove unfit banknotes from the cash cycle for reuse and repurposing in a variety of new applications.

An appropriate security level

Functionally, SPARTAN banknotes meet both the security and cash cycle performance needs of a denomination at the note/coin boundary. Although durability is the priority for these banknotes, especially as the face value make them less attractive to the threat of counterfeiting, the proprietary manufacturing process and the use of polymer substrate makes SPARTAN inherently difficult to counterfeit.


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