CCL Secure works with local school to enable COVID-19 safe teaching

CCL Secure has continued with its partnership with Wigton neighbour, the Nelson Thomlinson School donating perspex screens for the classrooms. The screens will allow for lessons to resume following the UK’s lockdown.

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Saudi Arabia Issues Its First Polymer Banknote

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has issued the Kingdom’s first polymer banknote.

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Banco Central De Nicaragua Marks 60th Anniversary With New Polymer Banknote

Nearly 60 years after it was founded, Banco Central de Nicaragua is marking the occasion by issuing a commemorative 5 córdoba note. Made from Guardian™ polymer, the new note includes a range of design and security features that are achievable only with polymer banknotes.

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New Guardian Polymer Banknote Recycling Centre Launched In Mexico

A new specialised recycling centre in Zacapu, in the Mexican state of Michoacán, is giving old polymer banknotes a new lease of life as the raw material for a range of recycled products.

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CCL Secure Launches CINEMA™: A New Dimension In Banknote Security

A revolutionary new security feature has been launched to make polymer banknotes even more secure. The CINEMA™ feature adds 3-dimensional and movement effects integrated directly onto the polymer substrate.

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Costa Rica Moves To Polymer Using CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™

Costa Rica has become the latest country to issue new polymer banknotes. The notes will be manufactured by CCL Secure on GUARDIAN substrate. The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) announced the move at the end of July 2020, three years after the decision to move to polymer was first agreed by the Board of Directors.

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Solomon Islands Wins Gold For New $5 Guardian™ Banknote

The Solomon Islands new $5 polymer banknote – printed on CCL Secure’s Guardian substrate – has been awarded a prestigious gold medal in Australia’s 2020 Print Industry Craftmanship Awards (PICA).

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Specimen 10 Launches in New Format With Environmental Focus.

The latest issue of Specimen Magazine our journal for the currency industry is out – with a focus on the topic of polymer banknotes and the environment.

Using in-depth research commissioned by central banks around the world, we explode several myths about the environmental footprint of currency made using polymer.

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