New SPARTAN™ Banknote Selected For BIN Webinar

CCL Secure’s ultra durable new SPARTANTM banknote is to feature in a Banknote Industry News webinar based on the magazine’s influential Banknote Technology Report (BTR).

The webinar, scheduled for 2-4pm CET on 22nd July, will feature presentations from a number of organisations featured in the most recent BTR, with CCL Secure’s SPARTAN second on the bill.

SPARTAN is the new, durable, long life and cost-effective polymer banknote that’s engineered specifically for the note/coin boundary. Engineered with durability in mind, in laboratory testing SPARTAN has shown to be significantly more hard wearing than any existing alternative to paper banknotes.

A longer life means fewer notes need to be replaced, leading to reduced costs, and a cost-efficient banknote that makes it easier for banks to avoid the significant costs and other risks associated with moving a denomination to coin.

Cost-savings are further enhanced by SPARTAN’s streamlined production process. Notes are produced in a single printing process that includes numbering as well as covert and overt security features, enabling central banks to benefit from a single, end-to-end process.

As the material is made using the same BOPP process that produces CCL Secure’s already successful, market-leading GUARDIAN™️ polymer substrate, all SPARTAN banknotes are fully recyclable.

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