Meet The Polymer Banknote People At The Banknote and Currency Conference

Meet The Polymer Banknote People

At The Banknote and Currency Conference

Washington DC | Feb 21-24 2022


It’s Good to be Back…To Talk about the Future

At the Banknote and Currency Conference in Washington DC in February 2022, CCL Secure will be presenting from the main stage and taking part in panel discussions that address one of the major challenges facing the industry: sustainability.

“For us, the issue is much more than a box to tick as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility toolkit. It’s a fundamental part of how we need to work in a world where environmental actions speak a lot louder than words,” says CCL Secure’s Managing Director Neil Sanders.

Taking action together

During a main stage presentation on Thursday 24th Feb – Sustainability: Taking Action Together’ – CCL Secure’s Technical Services Manager Lachlan McDonald will discuss the practical steps the company is taking to deliver against three core fields of action: the environment, the economy, and society.

The presentation, which will be delivered both live and online, looks at how CCL Secure acts as a responsible manufacturer and supplier to the benefit central banks. The presentation will also include practical proposals about what central banks could be doing themselves to move towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable cash

As part of the discussion, CCL Secure will look at how one of the most established payment methods in existence – cash – is improving its green credentials by transitioning to polymer.

Reducing the footprint

Also as part of the conference programme, a panel discussion on ‘Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Banknotes’ will be taking place, once again featuring CCL Secure’s Lachlan McDonald.

Visit the conference site.


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