Powerful Security Features

The unique manufacturing process that creates GUARDIAN™ polymer banknotes makes them inherently more secure than paper alternatives. CCL Secure has developed a range of additional security features to provide even higher barriers to counterfeiters.


CINEMA is a stunning and memorable feature that provides depth and movement. The sheer complexity of its construction – with GUARDIAN at its core – inhibits counterfeiting and provides a secure store of value. Read more about CINEMA here.


This Optically Variable Device (OVD) reveals a hidden image when a light source is shone though the GUARDIAN window. Eclipse is a highly secure level 2 feature for the public and retailers.


Vivid is a family of level 2 security features that enables fluorescent and IR authentication to be integrated with the substrate design.


G-Switch is a visually overt feature that helps to create public confidence in billions of banknotes around the world. The easy to detect feature changes colour when tilted or when viewed in reflection and transmission.


Aurora uses the colour switch effect of two inks that have the unique effect of being similar in reflection but differ when viewed in transmission. This gives the public a fast and efficient method of authentication.


Metalix provides a metallic sheen in a range of colours adding to the impact of an image within the design, as well as offering exceptional durability.


Cameo uses the GUARDIAN window and is a complex, secure and intuitive feature that can be viewed in reflection, transmission and on both sides of the banknote.


Vignette is an effective alternative to a multi-tonal, mould-made water mark, that is visible in reflection and transmission.


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