CINEMA™: A New Dimension In Banknote Security

CCL Secure’s revolutionary new security feature is impossible to achieve with any substrate except GUARDIAN™.

CINEMA brings your banknote to life with striking 3D and movement effects unlike anything seen on banknotes previously. This is because CINEMA is integrated directly with the substrate during the manufacturing process, building on the properties of a unique version of Propanote™ Clarity C film, developed specifically to enable CINEMA.

The result? An instantly recognisable security feature that resets the barriers to counterfeiters.

See CINEMA in action in the video below:

The key benefits:

  • Security integrated with GUARDIAN polymer substrate at the manufacturing stage.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other GUARDIAN and printer applied security features.
  • Highly resistant to counterfeiting.

More Security Features Available

CINEMA isn’t the only security feature created and developed by our expert polymer banknote research team. Find out more about other security features available with GUARDIAN: AURORA, ECLIPSE, LATITUDE, and VIVID™. Banknote printers can also apply their own additional security features to banknotes that feature CINEMA.


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