CCL Secure Raises Thousands for the Local Community

CCL Secure’s facility in Wigton, UK, is raising thousands of pounds (GBP) for local community projects and good causes.

Staff member Carl Bowe and five-strong team recently completed the Skinflint Rally challenge to drive an old car worth less than £500, on a journey of over 1000 miles to raise money for CFM’s Cash for Kids.

The team travelled from CCL Secure’s home county of Cumbria to John O’Groats – the northernmost point on the UK mainland – and then south to a finish line in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The car even managed to make it back to Cumbria before finally breaking down. Carl raised an impressive £965, with CCL Secure adding a further £250 to make the total sum raised £1,215.

Cash for Kids supports children and young people affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, life-limiting illnesses and those who have additional needs.

Young people were also the focus of the CCL Secure-sponsored Sustainable Breakfast Bonanza at Wigton’s Nelson Thomlinson School. Students were tasked with creating a sustainable breakfast product that provided healthy nutrients and would encourage more children to eat breakfast.

The winning team of students got to donate £500 (donated by CCL Secure) to local charities, each of which received £250. Wigton Families Lunchbox provides food packages to local families who are struggling to pay for food, especially when free school meals are halted during school holidays. Wigton Food Pantry provides hot meals to members of the local community in return for an optional donation.

As well as individual fundraising efforts, CCL Secure regularly donates money to local causes through the CCL Secure Community Fund.

Between April 2020 and March 2021 alone, the fund donated £8,477.

The money went towards a wide range of causes, including play equipment for autistic children via Bee Unique and food for the Wigton Food Pantry. Other causes supported include the Centre for Leadership Performance, the Cumbria Youth Alliance, Home to Work, and the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project.


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